Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement - Employers

The Client agrees to comply with the terms of the Privacy Laws regarding Personal information and not to use Personal Information except for the purpose of engaging or considering a Candidate, On-Hire Employee or Independent Contractor to provide services to the Client. The Client must ensure that before disclosing any Personal Information to Elliott Gray Pty Ltd the Client is entitled to disclose that information and without taking any further steps as required by the Privacy Laws Elliott Gray Pty Ltd may use and disclose such information for the purpose of providing recruitment services under these Terms of Business. If the Client becomes aware of any breach or alleged breach of the Privacy Laws concerning information disclosed by Elliott Gray Pty Ltd to the Client or by the Client to Elliott Gray Pty Ltd, then the Client must notify Elliott Gray Pty Ltd immediately and comply with any reasonable directions of Elliott Gray Pty Ltd with respect to such breach.

Privacy Statement - Candidates

I understand and agree that a) personal information is collected for the purpose of assisting in obtaining work, assisting in career performance or management and it may include sensitive information, as defined under privacy laws; b) all information provided about me to you will be held and/or accessed by Elliott Gray Pty Ltd, or related bodies corporate; c) I may be contacted from time to time by staff for the purpose of assisting me to find or retain work or to further my career development.

I declare that the information supplied by me is to the best of my knowledge, true, accurate and complete in all respects. I acknowledge that I will not hold Elliott Gray Pty Ltd, responsible for any omission or misstatements, which I have made in the information provided.

I understand that if I do not provide information or information provided is insufficient or inaccurate, Elliott Gray Pty Ltd, or its related bodies corporate, will be limited in its ability to provide its
services, or enable full consideration for employment opportunities with client organisations.

I understand that if placed in temporary or contract employment, taxation, employment and immigration laws may require the collection of bank details, tax file number, work entitlement details, and may require the completion of a health and medical questionnaire.

I authorise Elliott Gray Pty Ltd to confidentially disclose information held about me to organisations as outlined in the Privacy Policy as I am advised of specific or potential opportunities.

I understand that I am entitled to access my personal information held by Elliott Gray Pty Ltd, except for any exemptions provided under Privacy Laws or other relevant legislation.

I authorise Elliott Gray Pty Ltd or its related entities to approach the referees noted in the form, and any other referees nominated by me, after I have given further verbal permission.

I authorise Elliott Gray Pty Ltd or its related entities to approach any training or educational organisation and/or a professional association to confirm my qualifications or membership as required.