Vicky Choice

General Manager - Executive Practice

Vicky brings over 18 years experience in recruitment and business management roles to create solutions for you which will assist your teams and individuals to flourish. Having recruited and led businesses across Australia and England, she knows what is essential on both skill set and culture fit to lead to successful, long-term matches. Further to this, her consulting experience has seen her support business leaders to achieve their business objectives through the use of human-centric talent strategies underpinned by technology.

Practical in approach, Vicky is motivated to build relationships and is driven to achieve outcomes. Collaborative by nature, she connects quickly with others and brings an intuitive understanding of team cohesion, dynamics, and interpersonal relations to her work.

Leading our Executive practice, Vicky will deliver on all your senior appointments. If you are Senior Management and C-suite level, Vicky is who you need to speak to! Want to speak with Vicky? Call her on 0458 074 152