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Inspirations in the workplace.

Inspirations in the workplace.

It is hard not to get carried away with all the manic that happens within a recruitment agency, just like any workplace there are highs and lows that you need to prepare and adjust for. How to prepare and adjust is the big question! How do you know how to deal with all the conflicting expectations that come with recruitment? How to make sure you are meeting your candidates’ expectations? How to steer a recruit back on track? Where do you turn to for this help?

Many of us struggle though to put our hand up and ask questions, too afraid of hurting our ego or showing ‘weakness’. Sadly, and rather disappointingly, too often this is done by men in my experience. Yes, it is on both sides no doubt however I and many would argue that the majority is done by males thinking ‘they know it all’.

I have seen it so many times in many different workspaces and I cannot understand why it is still going on. Spend a week in my office and you will be in awe of the women that I am too fortunate of sharing the workspace with. Women who have taught me to be ok with showing ‘weakness’, because actually asking questions shows strength!

Alex Elliott – once a client of my own now turned into my boss. What a boss to have. Kind, compassionate but most of all an absolute genius. Never have I met someone with the knowledge of so many different fields. A scientist by trade turned into a stakeholder management queen. Soaking up whatever I can from her day by day (especially her blueberry pie) to try and be even half the person she is one day would be an incredible achievement.

Elsa Gray- Murphy – if she was not older (don’t tell her I said that), Id have honestly thought she was my long-lost twin. Courageous, bold and direct but one of funniest and down to earth people I have ever had the great chance of meeting. Working for and alongside her has been an absolute blessing, from developing relationships to standing up and believing in yourself when nobody else will. Her partnership with Alex is the perfect match of ice and fire and I am extremely grateful to witness it day in day out.

Just observing and trying to take down as much as I can from them will be a stronger lesson then any course could ever teach.

Anelita Puas – never have I heard such a strong vocabulary from somebody. Sometimes I hear words that I have never even thought to exist. This stretches beyond English as well, say any Latin saying to her and she would also be able to decipher it perfectly. An extremely strong work ethic and when you’re lacking inspiration for the day, simply look over the shoulder and see that she has not stopped and that will kick you into gear.

Shannon Viall – I still can’t believe her age, a century worth of wisdom tucked into a 23-year-old. I would say that she is a star in the making but that would take away the fact that she already is one. Keep an eye on her for the future, she would walk into and improve any office in the world.

Keely Mohr – funny, witty and innovative. Someone that is always 10 steps ahead of everyone else, I doubt that there is nothing that can’t be thrown at her to complete, nor would she ever say no to any challenge. I also want to take this opportunity to formally apologise for missing that one receipt! It will not happen again!

There are inspirations everywhere in every workspace, every day no matter how long you have been in whatever field you specialise in. There is always more to learn. So, break down that barrier, let go of that ego and appreciate the people you have around you. I promise that you will benefit from it.

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