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Are you using your recruiter efficiently?

Are you using your recruiter efficiently?

For those who have had us come and talk to you about our Elliott Gray services, you have no doubt had “the spiel” on why you should use a recruiter exclusively. Sometimes when we first suggest it, we can literally feel the internal eye-rolling that is going on inside the person we’re speaking to (yes…we see you!!).

However, it is a conversation we will keep having, and it is most certainly an idea that companies should not be too quick to dismiss.

First, let me clarify what I mean when talking about using a recruiter exclusively…
Working exclusively means selecting one recruiter to work with on your recruitment projects on an ‘exclusive’ basis for an agreed period of time. The general reaction to this is often “why would I do that?” “What happens if you can’t find the right candidate? I’ve put all my eggs in your basket.”

If this is your initial reaction, please do yourself a favour and read on!

Here are the top 4 reasons why you should use a recruitment firm exclusively (preferably us of course!) and why it is not as scary or silly as you may think:

1. We become a partnership
A partnership where the recruiter has time to take a full brief, challenge your brief, talk about it with you - brainstorm it - find out your “why”. In return, your recruiter can present candidates to you that fit that conversation and not just the brief, but the “why”. You will receive a proper brief on the candidates – their story, why they would be a good fit, what their needs are, and not just their CV. During the partnership, there should be constant updates on the progress of the search and the mutual working towards an agreed plan and, time-frame.

You will get feedback on the market and be guided by realistic expectations. Most companies know what they do, but a good recruiter knows what the market does.

Honesty is key in any healthy partnership, so there will be realistic expectations set from the start and honest communication throughout.

The end result?
You will get the best person, not the first person, to apply for your role.

2. You will not find yourself in a rat-race
Companies that work with multiple recruitment agencies, don’t normally have the time to give the same detailed brief to 4 different recruiters, meaning that the recruiter has to work off minimal information and understanding of the company, the role, what the ideal candidate looks like, or worse yet, an outdated job description. You never get to have that detailed brain-storming session as discussed above. Now also factor in that there are several other recruiters vying for the same talent in the same market for the same job. Of this competition, it is likely that some recruiters will submit candidates before even briefing them properly in order to be first “past the post”. It’s a rat race with corners encouraged to be cut!

Ultimately, this rat race has a snow-ball effect and creates an environment in which poor practice takes first place. Clients aren’t left happy, candidates are being battered around and aren’t left happy, and ultimately the recruiter hasn’t come out too well either.

3. Save time and money
Yup, that’s right. Save money. Not the first thing that comes to people minds when they think ‘recruiter’. But read on…

Time is money(!) and so when you have to spend hours on end sifting through CV’s (some completely irrelevant) from different recruiters, you probably realise that it would have been quicker to go through the job platform applications yourself to begin with. Not to mention the time it takes to liaise and track which candidates have come from which recruiter. Who is this one from? When are they interviewing? Why haven’t I heard from recruiter A? Why has recruiter B sent me the same candidate as recruiter C? Who sent it first?

Frankly, you have better ways to spend your time.

The best candidates are often not found on job boards and they’re not just a CV. Working exclusively with your recruiter means that your recruiter is out actively mapping the market, making approaches to hard-to-find candidates and then will present them to you with a thorough understanding of why they are a suitable candidate to be presenting and not just flicking a CV over to be the first one.

Little side point; Elliott Gray are one of the only recruitment agencies who do not assign their recruiters with a KPI of resumes to send per job. If we only find 1 suitable candidate for a role, then we only present 1 person. If we find 2 suitable people for a role, then 2 is what you will receive. Most recruitment agencies have a KPI of 5 or 6 CV’s per job, which is why “filler CV’s” are sent. A waste of everyone’s time! Read on…

4. Your company’s reputation
Candidates often have the massive frustration of not receiving adequate feedback on a job application. Because that have become ‘just a number’ and their CV has been fired off in the rat race mentioned above, they aren’t being conversed within a timely or respectful manner.

Job searching can already be an incredibly stressful and vulnerable time and so the last thing a candidate needs is to be left in the dark feeling deflated and unwanted. Without careful, considered, helpful feedback being given to the unsuccessful candidates, they can be left wondering if the job was real, whether the time they put in to apply was worth it and this is all after they were approached by multiple recruiters about the same position!

All in all, their lasting thought is whether your company is serious about hiring the best people. It’s bad for your company’s reputation and word of this does spread, especially in a small city like Canberra.

A good recruitment firm that you have partnered with exclusively, takes the time to treat the candidates with dignity and respect, and ensure that your company’s reputation is left intact. It also enables the recruiter to take the time with the successful candidate, right from the outset, to properly explain the culture of the company, the requirements, the quirks, the warts – everything! And to keep the candidate updated throughout the application process and give detailed feedback so that there are no surprises. By following this respectful process, there is a much higher chance that they won’t leave the role within the first few months.

So there you have it! This is why we are always harping on about using us exclusively! It is not only in our best interest, but in the interest of every party involved in the process!

Fun Fact: From conception of Elliott Gray, 95% of our commercial clients use us in this retained fashion …
That is why we have huge success with long lasting placements!

Questions? Please reach out and we would be happy to talk you through them.
We look forward to partnering with you soon 😉

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