About Us

Who we are

Elliott Gray is a boutique Canberra-based recruitment consultancy, focused on delivering the very best talent to clients across Canberra and the region.

Founded by two of Canberra’s leading recruitment specialists, Elliott Gray offers a range of recruitment services - from simple marketing and advertising advice or providing candidate shortlists through to providing a tailored end-to- end recruitment solution. With extensive experience in both government and the private sector, we understand what Canberra employers are looking for, and know how to meet those needs.

At Elliott Gray, we pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity, responsiveness and results. We stake our personal and professional reputations on the excellence of our service and are committed to delivering the best outcomes for employers and candidates alike.

We work closely with clients to ensure we fully understand their business, organisational culture and specific workforce goals, and then use our industry leading expertise to find the ideal candidates to meet those needs. We maintain open and frank lines of communication with clients and candidates at all times, and are committed to ensuring the right candidate-employer fit. You will always know where you stand with Elliott Gray.

Our core values


In all our communications, we will provide honest and timely information and feedback to both employers and employees. This is pertinent to well made recruitment decisions.


We acknowledge that we have a huge amount of trust placed on us by candidates looking for their next career move, and employers looking to find their next hire. We always put the candidates and employers first, not our internal sales targets.


A good recruitment process run efficiently and within well planned time-lines. Our responsiveness ensures you get the best possible outcomes.


We work hard to get the outcome required by both the employer and employee. Our experience ensures the required result is delivered every time.